Where is your clock now?

Arduino UNO clone with crystal and related capacitors missing along with their usual footprints I've noticed that one of my Arduino clones is missing a second crystal for the USB-UART chip. Apparently, this isn't a CH340G that we've become accustomed to, but rather a new drop-in replacement from the same family, and I've found it particularly funny that the manufacturer seems to have yoinked the relevant footprints by just deleting the entire net right in what was likely a gerber file and didn't care to refill or cover up the copper pour. 11/10 for the nerd laughing at circuit board moment. To my understanding of the datasheet, they could get away with just leaving the footprints and not populating the crystal and its capacitors, but the datasheet isn't very clear about it and perhaps therefore they've gone with the safer option (or maybe they didn't want to make it look like muntzing).

Naturally, I've proceeded to decap that chip, as well as a CH340G for comparison, but couldn't get the CH340C clean enough as the epoxy residue was particularly difficult to remove and I've eventually resorted to carefully trying 2500 grit sandpaper and only made it worse (as seen below). CH340C after a bit of careful sandpaper treatment Additional chips of the CH340 family have been ordered and few of them have already arrived. I wonder if some of the variants are actually the same die.