When you finally get the chip, but forgot to order breakout boards...

Yep, that has happened. At that point, there are like 3 options: (order breakouts and wait, fight your printer and home-etch breakouts, deadbug) and I've chosen to practice the most immediate solution using 0.1mm enamel-coated wire, as it's a skill that can sometimes save the day and seemed like a fun challenge.

intermediate step- soldering pieces of enameled wire to individual leads You gan get this kind of wire on tiny spools by searching for "0.1mm magnet wire" at the usual suspects, or, if you're really in a pinch, salvage it from a small motor or speaker/buzzer. This wire already has a thin insulative coating, which needs to be removed somehow, for example by tinning it with a soldering iron cranked up to around 360*C. Hope you have a syringe of some decent tacky flux.

After soldering on one end, the little piece of FR4 was cut and glued to a piece of perfboard and the remaining ends were individually tinned (to remove insulation), then wrapped around pins and soldered. It was a long and at this point quite tedious process (removing insulation being the least fun). While it has been an interesting challenge and good practice, it was also a lesson to remember to always have some breakouts at hand. final result- deadbug style bodged breakout